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Spring is around the corner

As spring approaches many of us are turning our attention once again to warmer weather with some growth. This year like last it appears that Covid will take its toll of staff numbers and resources, so its really important you start to communicate your plight ahead of time. Make people aware that due to finance people are furloughed, so perhaps frequency and eye for detail has slipped, this is not an excuse just an explanation.

In my previous blog you would of noted I suggested not taking on too much over winter as its often caught me out in the past and its an observation I make on many of my early year visits. Now is the time to start putting the final finish to many winter projects and weather permitting keeping things trimmed and ready for warmth.

It's also the time where hopefully you can finish your machinery maintenance and get prepared for the coming season, make sure your cutting units are sharp and hydraulic hoses have been checked and changed.

Normally at this time of year we would be attending turf shows and seminars, however Covid has put pay to that so its important we stay in touch with people, seminars online are good for education but it goes deeper than that, we all need social interaction and something as easy as a WhatsApp group is a great way to form friendships have a laugh and share our troubles.

I never see any of these things as a chore I always look forward to catching up and hearing about problems and trying to help find solutions, very often just someone to sound something off is invaluable to achieving goals. This year more than ever that will be important to help think outside the box.

Thanks for reading and I will post again in the coming weeks

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