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  • Chris Haspell

5 Tips For Course Managers This Winter by Chris Haspell

I've pulled together five winter tips for course managers. I’ve learned a lot over the years and want to share these ideas with everyone. This year has been a tough year on many fronts so anything we can do to make our lives easier and less stressful has to be a plus.

Make sure your nutrition is good going into winter One thing I have learned over the years is taking your surfaces stress free and healthy into winter helps spring start up, having the correct amount of nutrition will help. Topdressing

Why do you stop topdressing in winter? To avoid disease of course. However, times and climate change. With new topdressing techniques, many programmes could carry on through the winter, dusting light and often reducing Impact on the main playing season, using heavy rain as your friend really helps. Plan detail Cutting back roughs, changing mowing lines out of handicap season, improving visual clutter and the golfer experience, will all add an edge of quality to the course next year. Winter programmes My experience has taught me that planning is key to avoid too many scars in the spring time. Far too often, management start several jobs with very good intention but fail to have the turf ready for the main season, so planning and timings are key. Be sure to set out timeframes for up coming winters and have a plan, and remember plans should always be flexible with priorities. Irrigation It seems all too often now people are draining down systems and are not prepared early enough for the spring which appears to be getting drier. Cold easterly winds coupled with dry spells are often the norm now, even in Scotland. Having the ability to water early despite the cold will help to reduce burn at a critical time of year.

If you would like to ask me more about any of the above, feel free to contact me.

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